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Meera’s sizzling performance at Chabot Collge Hayward shakes the internet

(Last Updated On: 28/01/2016)

Meera is the only actress of Pakistan, who can excite the masses at any time or even leave you dumbfounded with her speaking skills. This is not all, she can perform many functions, keeping it short and simple she is a complete entertainer who known how to get the place in headlines even without having a single project in pocket. This isn’t condemnable as beside her all weird do’s one can’t question her caliber, as everybody knows she posses some brilliant acting and dancing skills.

Although, this is something different that she is nowhere in the current scenario of Pakistan’s entertainment but one can’t say that she doesn’t deserve it, according to the critics and Meera’s co stars the one hurdle which is putting Meera aside is her own attitude which lacks professionalism rather than that she still now posses that ability to enthrall the audience.


The one who have just seen Meera’s failure and shocking do’s making headlines should know that at once in late 90’s and further more she was the one of the supreme actress of Pakistan, who with her debut on screens captivated the audience.

As we know that Meera has a magnetic reflection to the limelight, she is often up with several tactics to get herself in the limelight. For this reason she is quite notorious, despite all this, she just made herself busy in finding slot in the news.


But from last several days, nothing like that was experienced, nor even from her social media accounts. The last he made her place in the news was, when she offered her house and invited Bollywood actor Aamir Khan to Pakistan after the ‘Intolerance in India’ issue.

After gap of some days, Meera has been discussed as previously people used to do, as her dance video, in which sultry actress in seen dancing in a US university has gone viral. The video isn’t latest at all, the news emerged as it is  a video of Meera performing at a college function in US, back in 2013. Here the question arises, that from where the video around 3 years old have resurfaced on the web, although, this question can’t be answered but finally we can say Meera is back in business.

Many of the people are severally criticizing the Pakistani actress,  as she was clad in short Ghagra Choli which was revealing her full things and was also exposing her complete belly.


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