PTV Shows off Building with New Design and Facilities

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 28/01/2016)

The national television channel of Pakistan named PTV has got a totally new transformation in shape of transforming the interior and exterior of the PTV building with new design and facilities. The new building structure of the PTV is now giving the touch of the building of any international news channel. The new redesign of PTV building is flashier as compared to previous one. Most of the interior is decorated with the blue lights. A pair of design and the best contrast of the furniture with the lights and the wall colors is the new introduction by the PTV that was totally missing on the old building.

Check for the stunning pictures of the newly redesigned building of PTV in Islamabad. Here we are presenting the images in a comparison style so that you should be able by yourself to check for the real difference between the old and newly one designed building.

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From the entrance to the corridor, guest area to the waiting area and staircase area to cafeteria, every interior and exterior has been revamped by the new design and style.

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