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Nescafe Basement Season 4 and its amazing Episodes

(Last Updated On: 24/02/2016)

Nescafe Basement is up with their fourth edition, the show commenced back in 2012 have become widely popular within no time. It can be regarded as the 2nd most popular Music show of Pakistani television in recent times, although its inventiveness and uniqueness is something not available in other its counterparts.

The music show aims to unveil the underground music talent in the country and is successfully able to do so far. The show provides chance to the youngster or newbies, who haven’t been known to this world and hold some sensational music talent.

As we know that several days back the 4th edition of this popular show was launched in a star-studded event at X2 restaurant, Lahore.

Episodes of this show are out and are winning the heart for very same reason as they use to do previously, I mean brilliant music. Those who didn’t know much about this season of Nescafe Basement should get it in their minds that this one is a way bigger than all the previously held events, as consecutively in all three of them 45 artists were given break and alone in the 4th edition 45 artists will be given chance to rock the stage with their performances.

Here are the so far released tracks with brilliant rendition of previous hits.

Here we go!

Episode 1 Nescafe Basement Season 4

Jadoo Ka Chiragh, NESCAFE Basement Season 4, Episode 1

Tere Jeya Hor Disda, NESCAFE Basement Season 4, Episode 1

Episode 2 Nescafe Basement Season 4

Kameez Teri Kaali, NESCAFE Basement Season 4, Episode 2


Tu Mera Nahin, NESCAFE Basement Season 4, Episode 2

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