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Pakistan among Top earning Freelancer Countries

(Last Updated On: 31/03/2016)

The internet access in Pakistan, even in rural areas have changed the way people use to earn. This way of earning was getting famous among Pakistanis from last several years, especially the advent of 3G and 4G in Pakistan have worked in as a game changer for the freelancers in Pakistan.

Young Pakistanis are quite inclined towards Freelancing than the conventional jobs, as it offers flexible timing (mostly depending on yourself) unlike 9-5 conventional jobs. The other thing which entices Pakistanis is that you don’t need to keep your boss happy, as in freelancing you are your own boss. Most simply, you opt the work which is up to your demand rather than that you can simply say ‘no’ as you might get many other options available as the Top Hiring Countries for freelancers have much to offer to the Pakistani freelancers.

There can be several reasons why Pakistani freelancers are one of their top priority, especially Pakistan’s freelancers do bulge work in less rates with quality assurance

oDesk, which later went for a merger with Elance was also one of the portal in which Pakistan ranked among top freelance countries since 2013. While describing Pakistani freelancers work quality Matt Cooper, vice president of international enterprise for oDesk once said said: “The quality of projects delivered by Pakistani freelancers is at par with our top freelancer countries from around the globe. Pakistan ranks fifth on that list because Pakistani freelancers are regularly delivering quality work in a timely fashion on projects ranging from web design to blog and art jobs.”

The current Elance-oDesk report shows Pakistan on 4th rank among list of ‘Top 10 Freelancers Countries’.

With the rising freelance trend in Pakistan it seems the country will be gaining more in freelancing field.

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