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To take on Uber in Pakistan, Careem acquires Savaree

(Last Updated On: 30/03/2016)

From Shabby taxis and noisy auto rickshaws to latest cars upheld by international chauffeur service offering companies, Pakistan has witnessed a complete change in aura, this is what we mentioned earlier.

Cab booking services in Pakistan are exceeding by leaps and bounds, but with a fast pace, it isn’t that Pakistani market has not enough potential to feed them. The actual reason is that, the young market of e-business and startups is witnessing 3G, 4G services as something new as the people will get more familiar, then companies and startups will have need to build more appetite to generate their revenues from the potential Pakistani market.

But until that a strong competition is all the way, its all about the one who will be dominating the market.

Careem, a ride-hailing app from Middle Est entered Pakistan back in October 2015, since than it is getting a positive response. But meanwhile they were also facing competition from local startups and other companies doing the same business.

Within all this, the giant Uber also entered Pakistan earlier, this month which took the competition at peak. Knowing all that, Careem sensibly acquired an impressive an prominent start-up Savaree, which was working as a  car pooling and rent a car service in Pakistan since 2014.

Savaree was setup by Madeeha Hassan in Jan 2014, and Careem looks quite impressed with Hassan’s  entrepreneurial skills and know how with the Pakistani market.

“We have had serious admiration for Madeeha, her grit, her entrepreneurial spirit and her awesome tenacity. She built Savaree from ground up, knows the nuts and bolts of this business and we are super excited to have her on board and lead product innovation for Pakistan. Careem’s strength in the region has been its localization of products, and Madeeha’s addition to the team is a shot in the arm on that front.” said Junaid Iqbal, Managing Director of Careem.

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