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Pakistan Day 23 March Parade 2016 Rehearsals (Photos and Videos)

(Last Updated On: 17/03/2016)

Pakistan Day 23 March is  marked as one of the significant event of Pakistan history as on the same date in year 1940 Lahore Resolution was passed, which is also known as Pakistan Resolution.

On this day Muslim League drafted the political resolution which is a step forward for setting a free state for Muslims known as Pakistan.

After years of struggle, Mohammad Ali Jinnah and co set a free state from British Raj and Hindus on 14 August 1947. The sole meaning behind setting a separate Muslim state was to observe and apply all the Islamic law and rules to set a prosperous society.

23 March resolution which was held during the annual session of Muslim League at Minto Park (later named Minar-e-Pakistan) was a key political movement to set a free Muslim state.

The days is celebrated with full zeal and patriotic reverence nationwide. People living in the society commemorate the day with organizing events to remember the sacrifices of great leaders who with their intellectual mind managed to have Pakistan on the world map.


Armed forces Parade and aerial show of PAF and other forces are held to commemorate this great day of history. Pakistan Day Parade was adjourned back in 2008 or 2009 due to several reasons.

Last year these parade shows were restored which provoke the patriotic felling in everyone. As per the information, this year the parade will also be held in federal capital Islamabad.

The full-dress for the parade will be done on 21 March and the grand event of parade will be organized on March 23.

As mentioned above it is a grand event different troops and forces will be taking part in the parade, namely Army, Navy, PAF, Frontier Corps , Northern Light Infantry, Mujahid Force, Islamabad Police, Tri-Services Lady officers, Tri-Services Armed Forces Nursing Service, Girls Guide, Boys Scouts, Special Service Group from three Services, mechanized columns of Armoured Corps, Artillery, Army Air Defence, Signals, Engineers, Army Strategic Force Command, Camel Band and President’s Body Guard will be setting the show, according to the leaflet of ISPR.

Photos of rehearsal parade 2016

SAAB - 2000 EriEye AEWCS serial number 10040


Z-10 Attack Helicopters
Z-10 Attack Helicopters



Pakistan Day Parade Videos

Full dress rehearsal of Pakistan Day parade held (21-3-2015)After 7 year gap, Pakistan Day to see military parade in full glory.Full dress rehearsal of Pakistan Day parade held.Ptv News Report (21-3-2015)Song: Tum Azad Raho – 23rd March Song (Pakistan Day 2015)https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1028827140479038Song: Yeh Pakistan Hai:https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=897113023650451&theater #PakistanDay #23March #PakistanArmy

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