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Pakistan leads South Asia in ‘Mobile Money’: World Bank Report

(Last Updated On: 12/02/2016)

As it is numerous times being mentioned that 3G and 4G services has changed the whole of the scenario of the country, here is another example of what Pakistan has gained in such a short time of introduction of 3G and 4G services in Pakistan.

In a latest report by the World Bank, Pakistan leads South Asia in mobile money as the report unveils that Pakistan has 9% of men and 2% women users.

The study called ‘Measuring Financial Inclusion around the World’ is initiated by World Bank’s Global Findex Database to keep a hawk-eyed view of the payments, manage risks, and how individuals save borrow or use their money. According to the annual report of year 2014, the report tells that three percent of people have used a mobile phone to send or receive money.

With this it can be clearly observed that Pakistan has whopping number of mobile money user as there is a comprehensive difference between mobile money users in South Asia and particularly of Pakistan.

Although, it was a shocker to know that 9% of men of total men population of Pakistan uses money via their mobile phones as 3G and 4G services are quite new in Pakistan but one can’t question this report as it is the most comprehensive database which keeps a closer look at money spending and saving trends of people residing in different economies.

Other South Asian Countries on the list: 

India: 2.4%
Bangladesh: 2.7%
Iran: 4.5%
Afghanistan: 0.3%

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