Bosch steps in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 12/02/2016)

The German based multinational engineering and electronics company Bosch has inaugurated its first office in Pakistan. The liaison office is set operational in Lahore after the high profile inaugural event was held several days back.

The inaugural event was attended by the German Ambassador to Pakistan Ina Lepel, Steven Young president Bosch Turkey and Middle East, Volker Bischoff General Manager of Bosch Middle East and other notables.

The attendees of the event appreciated the Pakistan’s road to success and also eyed this German company’s arrival in Pakistan as another initiative to enhance the bilateral relations and mutual trade between both the countries.

In last several years, many other leading multinational companies has set up their offices in Pakistan and many have also set their manufacturing units after keeping in view cheap labor and other business-friendly laws set by the government.

The German Ambassador to Pakistan Ina Lepel said that Pakistani market with nearly population of 200 million people is an interesting market,. Which can’t be ignored by the multinational companies, she also expected that Pakistan will observe a steady growth in its GDP in next couple of years which will boost up the market.

Moreover, she also appreciated the initiatives pulled off by the current government of Pakistan to appeal the foreign investors and said,“Pakistan’s current government plans to strengthen infrastructure and the energy sector. This will have great appeal for foreign investors,” said Ina Lepel, the German ambassador to Pakistan, at the opening of the new Bosch branch.

Lepel further added that:”Bosch’s latest venture is an important milestone in our bilateral economic relations with Pakistan.”

Steven Young, president, Bosch Turkey and Middle East said:

 “We are keen to be part of Pakistan’s rising growth story. The strongly developing middle class rising consumer demand and the growth of manufacturing and automotive sectors are very positive indicators.”

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