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Pakistan to introduce Biometric e-passports by 2017

(Last Updated On: 14/05/2016)

To curtail human trafficking and to curb rampant forgery of travelling documents, the Pakistani citizens will be issued the biometric e-passports by next year. In this regard the interior minister Chaudry Nisar Ali Khan in a high profile meeting has approved the e-passport project and under this the e-passports which would be able to verify using electronic chip in it will be launched by next year.

The interior minister came up with this move after he went through the matter that forgery and misuse of Pakistani travelling document is damaging the nation’s image globally. Although in his talks and details about the e-passports he told the sole mean of introducing this initiative, “We will ensure the elimination of human trafficking from the Pakistani soil with the introduction of e-passports,” Nisar affirmed.

Every of the e-passport will be having an electronic chip with the individuals data/information embedded in it. To make it a bit simpler the e-passport will be similar to the latest issued CNIC’s which come with a chip embedded in it. Keeping the security tight, the information in the individual’s e-passport will just be added by the Pakistani immigration and passport authorities.

At the moment, Nisar also directed officials to set an in-house digital printing machine to keep tight security measurements without any loophole for miscreants.

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