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Video: Hum TV drama ‘Udaari’ controversial scene which led to PEMRA’s show-cause notice

(Last Updated On: 14/05/2016)

The Hum TV drama 5-episode old Udaari was issued show-cause notice by PEMRA over containing some controversial scenes, which were objection by the viewers in Pakistan and were later reported to the regulatory authority.

The multi-cast drama stars Urwa Hocane, Farhan Saaed, Ahsan Khan, Bushra Ansari, Samiya Mumtaz, and Rehan Sheikh in the lead roles. The drama unfolds never-talk-about crimes like child molestation within the family and other social issues.

The drama, which is on-aired on every Sunday from Hum TV platform is considered as one of the boldest and brightest drama of Pakistan’s drama industry by several online news outlets as they were of the view that drama is not provoking illicit activities in society, it is only bringing the stories which are left unheard by many.

The real life hero Ahsan Khan who is known for his social works has played child molester in this drama to create awareness of such illicit activities being happened with the children within family.

The controversial scene which led to show-cause notice of PEMRA stars Ahsan Khan and Urwa Hocane, the scene shows uncle (Ahsan Khan) luring his niece (Urwa Hocane) for the illicit activities.

Watch Udaari drama controversial scene

PEMRA served show-cause notice over controversial scene in ‘Udaari’ drama 


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