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Rahat Bakers Branches and Menu

(Last Updated On: 11/05/2016)

Started in 1975 as a normal bakery with few items on the menu, today Rahat Bakers is the name of elite bakers in the Federal Capital. Rahat Bakers has earned a good fame in different parts of Pakistan for delivering the quality products at very affordable prices. Just like its branches, Rahat Bakers is also delivering the exact customer service through to its official website. From the official website of the Rahat Bakers, you can find out about the bread and takeaway range of food and cakes of Rahat Bakers.

Anytime you can order cakes for a special occasion and both savoury and sweet platters for parties, functions and other special events and occasions. Rahat regularly touted as one of the best pastry shops in the city with an extensive selection of cakes, chocolates, bread, viennoiseries, tarts and quiches all made to exactingly high standards.

Rahat Bakers Branches

Branch No. 1

F-11 Markaz

Ph: 051 2228131, 2228135

Select One Plaza, Islamabad

Branch No. 2

F-10 Markaz

Ph: 051 2111388, 2111389

Capital Trade Center, Islamabad

Branch No. 3

G-11 Markaz

Ph: 051 2830431, 2830432

Sliver City Plaza, Islamabad

Branch No. 4

Blue Area

Ph: 051 2804355, 2804356

109 East Blue Area, Islamabad

Rahat Bakers Menu



Nimko & Dry Fruitnimkoanddry fruit

Russian Saladsalad



Fast Food3



Home Delivery Service is also being provided by the Rahat Bakers. Here are the further details about locations and minimum order:-

  • Rahat Bakers offer free home delivery service in F6, F7, F8, F10, F11, E7, E9, E11, G6, G7, G8, G9, G10, G11 sectors of Islamabad.
  • The minimum order should be RS: 1000/- only.
  • Food items delivery will take around 45 minutes approx. from the time of confirmation call received by the customer.
  • Some orders may take longer due to cooking time.
  • Home Delivery Orders will be taken from 7am to 12pm.

Rahat Bakers Home Delivery Items

  • Pizza
  • Biscuit
  • Cake
  • Variety
  • Russian Salad
  • Snacks
  • Sweets
  • Burger
  • Sandwich

Rahat Bakers Contact Info

Select One Plaza
F-11 Markaz Islamabad
Phone: 051-2228131
Phone: 051-2228135
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://rahatbakers.com.pk


  1. Please have to order to pound birthday cake
    Give me rates

  2. I want to confirm the rates of 2 and 3 pound cakes

  3. Is it possible to sell your items in my shop
    U will deliver daily???

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