Best DC Inverter ACs in Pakistan 2016: Price & Specs


The temperature is soaring high; even it’s just beginning of May, and in many parts of Pakistan temperature has just touched 48 centigrade. In all such circumstances, people are trying to get a save from this lethal heat countrywide.


To deal with all this as usual many people are going to have AC set at their houses or office and will be following some precautionary measurements while going out in the afternoon. Those who can’t afford AC’s are opting Coolers or other options available in the market.

At the same time people who are setting AC in their houses are little confused and are up with the questions that whether the latest DC technology in AC’s really effective? Will it be consuming less electricity? How much money it will be saving annually (electricity bill)?

This all is happening as people aren’t familiar with this technology before, here it will be pertinent to mention here that this technology has been under practice in Europe and other countries for years, and no awes that it has produced the desired results.


It will be relevant to mention here that prices of normal split AC’s are bit lower as people are eyeing to have the latest DC technology AC Inverters.

When people get  their answers that latest Inverter AC’s are the real solution to lessen the electricity usage, the next question they ask is that which one of the brand should be chosen to try this latest technology.

To make it all clear, we are presenting you the best Inverters out in the market; you can pick any out of them depending on your usage and choice.

Best DC Inverter AC’s in Pakistan

GREE (Model Number: 12VITH)
Price: Rs. 59,900 (1 Ton)


Specs and Features:

  • Elegant 2 Tone Black/Gray Textured Finish
  • 1st European Compliant Heat and Cool AC
  • Latest Powerful G-10 Inverter
  • Ultra Low Frequency Torque Control
  • State of the Art High Speed DSP Chip
  • Precise Tempreture Control
  • Faster Cooling And Heating
  • Wide Frequency Precise Control
  • Ultra Low Noise Control
  • Ceiling Cooling and Floor Heating System
  • Integrated Design
  • Dual Installation (Both sides option)
  • Auto Restart
  • Fire Proof Electric Box
  • High Temperature Resistence PCB
  • Turbo Cooling
  • 4 Way Air Outlet
  • 3 Sleep Curves
  • Double Layer Condenser

Haier 1.5 Ton (18HNH Inverter Series)
Price: Rs. 66,000

Haier Inverter AC HNH-500x500

Specs and Features:

Model NameHaier HSU 18HNH 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC
Capacity1.5 Ton
BTU Capacity18000 BTU
Applied Room Size(m2)
Energy Saving50%
Power Supply
Air Circulation (m³/h)
Auto restartYes
Cooling Capacity (BTU)
Power Input (Watt)
Running Current (Amp)


Dawlance  (1 Ton inspire Plus Inverter)

Price: Rs.47000, 1.5 Ton price: 56,000


Key Features

Inverter technology- saves upto Rs 26,000 per year

Say goodbye to stabilizers

Dual function –cooling & heating

Low voltage startup-can run on voltages as low as 155V

Electrolux Inverter AC (1 Ton SEA 1360TR Heat & Cool)
Price: Rs, 59,000


Key Features:
Capacity: 1.0 Ton
AC Design: Wall Mount
AC Functionality: Cooling, Heating
Energy Saving Technology
Low Voltage Start
Technology conventional
Air-conditioner type Wall mounted split air-conditioner
Cooling capacity 1.0 ton

Orient (Ultron 1.5 Ton)
Price: Rs. 59,900
  • Key Features
    • Low Voltage Operation up to 140v
    • Heat and Cool Function
    • Biggest Indoor and Outdoor Units
    • 4 Way Cooling
    • Easy Installation
  • Works on UPs, Generators, Solar Panels


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