Top Largest Mosques in the Pakistan


Muslim history is known for having the best culture and art in the world. We have the great creator, artists and architecture of the world. If talk about mosques then these are given special attention while construction because of having religious values attached to that sacred Muslim places. Muslim mosques displayed the high level of mastery and artistic works. Just like other Muslim countries of the world, Pakistan is also known for the largest and beautiful mosques of the world. Two mosques of Pakistan has the award of listing in the top fifteen beautiful mosques in the world.


Below are top largest mosques in the world according to area and prayer capacity.

1. Faisal MosqueFaisal-Mosque-Images

Location: Islamabad

Constructed in: 1987

Area: 466,032 sq. ft.

Capacity: 75,000 in mosque, 200,000 in adjacent grounds

2. Badshahi Mosquefontain-of-the-Badshahi-mosque

Location: Lahore

Constructed in: 1673

Area: 276,000 sq. ft.

Capacity: 110,000

3. Grand Jamia Mosque34_full

Location: Lahore

Constructed in: 2014

Area: 99,420 sq. ft.

Capacity: 100,000

4. Jamia Masjid Data Darbar9445301179_cdc790d6be_b

Location: Lahore

Constructed: During 1969

Area: N/A

Capacity: Approx. 80,000

5. Masjid e Tooba 82

Location: Karachi

Constructed in: 1969

Area: N/A

Capacity: 50,000

6. Bhong Mosquepicture_315_4PZ_PakWheels(com)

Location: Sadiqabad


Capacity: N/A

7. Shahi EidgahKingMosque_EidGah

Location: Multan

Constructed in: 1735

Area: N/A

Capacity: Approximately 100,000

8. Shah Jahan MosqueShah_Jahan_Mosque_Thatta_Sindh_Pakistan_6

Location: Thatta

Constructed in: 1644

Area: N/A

Capacity: N/A

9. Wazir Khan Mosque903234-wazir_khan_mosque_normal-1434261150

Location: Lahore

Constructed in: 1635

Area: 279 feet

Capacity: N/A


10. Lal Masjidred-mosque-in-islamabad-pakistan-04

Location: Islamanad

Constructed in: 1966

Area: N/A

Capacity: N/A

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