Tourism in Pakistan: 30 Amazing Stargazing Sites in Pakistan


The enormity of the universe is lovely and lowering—the stars indications of billions of lives spent, in astronomer Carl Sagan’s words, “on a mote of dust, suspended in a sunbeam.” In any case, as our populace develops, so too lights contamination, obfuscating the air and everyone of that lies past it. Today, as few as 500 stars are apparent from numerous urban ranges.


In any case, joyfully that is simply not the situation for these dozen regions; where upwards of 15,000 individual pinpricks of light can be seen with the stripped eye.  They’re not precisely advantageous—but rather that is somewhat the point.

Whenever stargazing, bring water, covers, seats, and an equitable on the off chance that spotlight, yet don’t drag a telescope into the wild. Eyes alone are adequate to test a significant part of the wonders uncovered by dull skies: the Milky Way, meteorites, and faint satellites befuddling the skies. Here, then, are a portion of the best places in Pakistan for gazing at night.

  1. Shandur Passshandur

  2. Jalkhadjalk

  3. Lake Saiful Muluklake saif

  4. Rush Lakerush

  5. Hoper Valleyhoper

  6. Banak Topbanak

  7. Shimshal Valley, Hunzashimshal

  8. Hispar Snow Lakehispar

  9. Nanga Parbatnanga

  10. Naltar Valleynaltar

  11. Deosaideosai

  12. Faory Meadowsfairy

  13. Gorakh Hill StationGorakh Hill Station night

  14. Cholistancholistan

  15. Badro Jabalbadro

  16. Charakusa Valleycharakusa

  17. Katpana Desertkatpana

  18. Shogranshogran

  19. K2 Basecampk2 basecamp

  20. Kaghan Valleykaghan

  21. Ziaratziarat

  22. Rakaposhirakaposhi

  23. Hanna Lakehanna

  24. Skarduskardu

  25. Kirthar Mountainskirthar mountains

  26. Ultar Peakultar peak

  27. Kalri LakeKalri lake

  28. Hingol National ParkHingol National Park night

  29. Thal Desertthal

  30. Thar DesertThar Desert

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