Zong Balance Share: How to Zong Balance Share Karne Ka Tarika


Zong has made it simple to share mobile balance from one Zong number to another Zong umber. It named the service as Zong Yaari Load, means stay in touch with your beloved ones all the time. Now you can share your values with your beloved ones as well. No need to worry about whom you love more as they are running out of balance because you can share your Zong balance with these anytime.


Be it your sister or brother or any friends in need, you can impress someone with Zong Yaari Load that is about sharing mobile balance with someone. Before taking our discussion to the next level, it is important to mention here is that this service is for the prepaid customers only. Only balance from one prepaid number to another prepaid number can be shared.

How to Transfer Balance from Zong to Zong

  • Step 1: Dial *828#
  • Step 2: Enter Recipient Mobile Number
  • Step 3: Enter amounts to be shared
  • Step 4: Reply with 1 to confirm balance transfer

Zong Balance Transfer Charges

The one who is sharing the balance will be charged Rs. 2+tax as service charges

You can also make a request to your friends and family to get mobile balance.


How to Get Zong Balance from Friends and Family

  • Step 1: Dial *829#
  • Step 2: Enter mobile number from whom you want to request balance
  • Step 3: Enter amounts to be shared
  • Validity Of Balance
Amount Balance TransferredAdditional Validity (Incoming & Outgoing)
10 – 5015 days or existing whichever is higher.
51 – 9930 days or existing whichever is higher.
100- 19960 days or the existing whichever is higher.
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Answers to Some Important Questions

What do I need to do to Qualify for Yaari Load?

All customers are eligible for using Yaari load once they have recharged amount of Rs.50 in last 30 days.

How many times can I send balance through Yaari Load in a day?

You can send balance five times a day through Yaari Load.

Is there a restriction on the amount being sent through Yaari Load?

The minimum amount of Rs.10 and the maximum amount of Rs.200 can be shared through Yaari Load.

Is this service also available for postpaid subscribers?

No, Yaari Load is only available for prepaid customers of ZONG.

Will there be any deduction in the amount transferred through Yaariload?

Yes, the sender will be charged Rs.2+tax for every successful Yaari Load transaction and remaining amount will be sent to the receiver.

Can I transfer all the balance through Yaari Load?

Built-in-Balance or promotional balance cannot be transferred, however, the balance recharged via Scratch Card, Miniload, ePin, Online Recharge (Top Up) or already shared balance can be transferred.

Is there any minimum balance I need to maintain for Yaari Load?

You need to have a minimum of Rs.5 in your account after sharing your balance. For example, if you have only Rs.13 in your account, and you intend to share Rs. 10, you will not be able to do so, since the balance amount will be less than Rs.5.

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  • Umair on 14/05/2020

    Dear Customer, Your Yaari Load service will be activated upon recharge of amount Rs.50 in last 30 days. Please dial 310 for more help.(What is this issue?)

  • Shehbaz ahmed on 18/07/2019

    i cant not shre balance because when i dial the code it says connection problem or invalid MMI code.

  • Bebe on 19/04/2019

    jab bnlce transfer ho jae to msg to receive hona chaye

    • Ali on 20/04/2019


  • zubia on 25/01/2019

    i cant not shre balance because when i dial the code it says connection problem or invalid MMI code.

    • Ali on 25/01/2019

      code likhny ma koe ghalti hogi.

  • Imran khan on 17/10/2018

    By mistake i share 100 balance to zong to zong but now i want my money back..please help me fir this

  • Muhammad Usman on 16/10/2018

    How to transfer balance to HEC zong number to personal zong number??

  • MUHAMMAD JAHANZEB on 27/08/2018

    I purchased a new mobile phone huawei y7 prime 2018 bud the Zong can’t be active a bundle of new mobile huawei y7 prime 2018 so Zong advertising of new mobile devices purchased is fake and unfair.. I call a lot of times in Zong help line 310 but that can say that your bandle is activate 7 days but after 7 days Bundle can not be active.

  • Mehtab Ali on 28/01/2018

    your area is not allowed to do thep2p charge. what can i do now?


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