Waqar Zaka’s Over The Edge show: 11-year-old boy proposed Ayesha Omer (Video)

There were not many realities shows before Pakistan entertainment industry got VJ cum host Waqar Zaka. Even though he is one of the notorious names in Pakistan entertainment industry, but that can’t even faint his efforts for introducing reality shows in Pakistan.

After bringing superb reality shows like Living On The Edge , Xposed, King of Street Magic, nowadays he is once again back in the business with his latest reality show named ‘Over The Edge’. This reality show is being presented on HTV, and so far with three auditions episodes on air, it can be clearly said that this show will be exploring new horizons.

This reality show is being broadcasted on every Monday, although videos are also being uploaded by HTV official YouTube Account.

On the other hand, many people on social media also criticized Waqar Zaka and also alleged him for setting pre-plan shows.

The host banished all those raising fingers at him, and tried to clear the dirt in the air regarding his reality show ‘Over The Edge’.

All this happened after some contestants of show did weird acts during the live show.

Amid many controversial acts during the reality show, here we are bringing you a video of 11-year old boy from the auditions. The cute young boy showed his love for famous actress Ayesha Omer, not only this he also went on proposing him during live show.



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