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Watch Ali Gul Pir’s ‘Modi Teri’ video song

(Last Updated On: 22/10/2016)

The young Pakistani comedian and singer Ali Gul Pir hasn’t remained quite on tensions going in between Pakistan and India.

He decided to be vocal in the best way possible he can, so he came up with song ‘Modi Teri’ in which he collaborated with Lahore based music group SomeWhatSuper and took a satirical take on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Earlier the audio version of the song was released, now the video is also out.

Modi Teri is a comedic song which makes fun of Narendra Modi who is bullying countries, promoting war and hates pigeons. The song urges to not fight wars, and have rap battle and sort the beef between Pakistan and India. This is artists expressing anger in a peaceful way.

Talking about the idea, Ali Gul Pir earlier said, “With this song, I am challenging Modi to a rap battle. We have come up with it and now in response, they can release another song. The idea is not to make war. Instead, let us rap-battle it out. Let’s do it musically, without killing people.”

“I think whatever is going on is not a Pakistan-India issue but rather, it has more to do with Modi’s mindset. And  then, there are people like Anupam Kher and Adnan Sami who are supporting his stance. The song mentions all of them,” Ali Gul Pir told The Express Tribune.


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