Telenor Balance Share: How to Telenor Balance Share Ka Tarika

Telenor has made it simple to share mobile balance from one Telenor number to another Telenor umber. It named the service as Smart Share, means stay in touch with your beloved ones all the time. Now you can share your values with your beloved ones as well. No need to worry about whom you love more as they are running out of balance because you can share your Telenor balance with these anytime.

Be it your sister or brother or any friends in need, you can impress someone with Smart Share that is about sharing mobile balance with someone. Before taking our discussion to the next level, it is important to mention here is that this service is for the prepaid customers only. Only balance from one prepaid number to another prepaid number can be shared.

How to Share Balance?

Here is the way to share balance and help your beloved ones

Type the code, number and amount as *1*1*923xxxxxxxxx*Amount# and send. Press 1 to confirm the transaction.

For example, if you want to share Rs. 30 with a prepaid number 03451234567 then type as *1*1*923451234567*30# and press 1 to confirm the transaction.

After sending the balance, both sender and receiver will get a confirmation message.

Terms and Conditions:

The minimum amount of share is Rs. 15 and maximum are Rs. 200.

Balance will remain valid for the same time that was at the recharge of mobile balance by the sender

Smart Share can be done maximum three times a day

Per transaction charges are Rs. 3.99 + Tax

FAQs About Telenor Balance Share

How do I activate/subscribe to Smart Share?

Call 345 or visit any Telenor Sales & Service Centre to get Smart Share activated on your Telenor prepaid subscription.

Can I share my credit with any Telenor Prepaid number?

Yes, you can share your credit with all Telenor Pakistan Prepaid numbers.

Can I send Smart Share to any Telenor number abroad?

Smart Share is currently limited to Telenor Prepaid connections in the following international locations where Telenor offers international roaming on prepaid subscription:

AfghanistanMaldivesSri Lanka
FranceSaudi ArabiaTurkey
GreeceSingaporeUnited Arab Emirates
HungarySloveniaUnited Kingdom
IrelandSouth Africa

I sent a Smart Share to a friend who had just bought a Telenor Prepaid but failed. Why?

Smart Share can be sent from or received on Telenor Prepaid packages that have been recharged at least once through scratch cards. Hence, recharge only once with scratch cards and try again.

Does Smart Share extend my connection validity periods like the scratch card and easy load?

No, Smart Share does not extend the validity/expiry period of your Telenor Prepaid connection. Your validity period remains the same. Hence, you must recharge through scratch cards or easy load to save your connection from expiry if your validity period is expiring.

Will I get my money refunded by Telenor if I mistakenly transfer the balance to a wrong number?

No, you are responsible for writing both, the correct amount you want to share and the number you want to transfer it to.


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