25 Most Famous Forts and Castles of Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 20/05/2017)

Once it was the time when fort and castle were regarded as the hallmark of any kingdom and were means of defense. These were fortified against attack. But now there are historical places and tourist attractions only. If talk about Pakistan, then Mughal here had taken a keen interest in architecture that’s why Indo-Pak region is full with historical forts and castles.

Pakistan is blessed with many beautiful and natural historical places and then the addition of main made things add beauty to this land. A lot of natural places are there that are worth to visit and explore. Among a lot of beautiful places in Pakistan, there are many historical places built during the era of Mughal Empire in sub-continent. These places are famous for their architectural attraction and beauty. Each year these are visited by a massive number of people.

These places are the wonders of Pakistan and still standing proud. Here is the list of proud ancient marvels of Pakistan that you will like to enjoy.

  1. Ramkot Fort, Azad Kashmir Ramkot Fort

  2. Baghsar Fort, Azad Kashmir Baghsar Fort

  3. Red Fort, Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir Red Fort, Muzaffarabad

  4. Quetta Fort, Quetta Quetta Fort

  5. Baltit Fort, Gilgit Baltistan Baltit Fort

  6. Skardu Fort, Gilgit Baltistan Skardu Fort

  7. Khaplu Palace, Gilgit Baltistan Khaplu Palace

  8. Shigar Fort, Gilgit Baltistan Shigar Fort gilgit

  9. Multan Fort, Multan Multan Fort

  10. Mir Garh Fort Mir Garh Fort

  11. Rohtas Fort, Jhelum, Punjab Rohtas Fort

  12. Derawar Fort, Bahawalpur Derawar Fort

  13. Faiz Mahal, Khairpur, Sindh Faiz Mahal

  14. Sadiq Garh Palace, Bahawalpur Sadiq Garh Palace

  15. Bala Hissar Castle, Peshawar Bala Hissar Castle pakistan

  16. Noor Mahal, Bahawalpur Noor Mahal pakistan

  17. Royal Fort Lahore or Shahi Qilla, Lahore Royal Fort Lahore

  18. Altit Fort, Gilgit Baltistan Altit Fort

  19. Throtchi Castle, Azad Kashmir Throtchi Castle

  20. Kalat Fort, Baluchistan Kalat Fort

  21. Nagar Fort, Chitral Nagar Fort

  22. Attock Fort, Attock Attock Fort

  23. Kot Diji Fort, Khairpur Kot Diji Fort

  24. Handyside Fort, Kyber Pakhtunkhwa Handyside Fort

  25. Mohatta Palace, Karachi Mohatta Palace

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