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Express Education & Career Expo 2017: Complete Event Details!

(Last Updated On: 19/05/2017)

The role of Express group has always been tremendous in making people socially aware. Apart from there quintessential work in their actual field, they have marked no limit in entertaining people and making them aware of the rising trends.

They have been presenting shows or events, which made them immensely popular among the every patriotic citizen of Pakistan.

The group has been organizing Family Entertainment Festivals, Education & Career Expos and Pakistan real estate show in the past, and after the success of their last year’s Education & Career Expos, this year they have come up with this event yet again.

Express Education & Career Expo 2017

Activities & Competitions

List of Events:
1.Fashion Show
2.Group Dance
3.Singing Competition
9.Arts Competition
10.Dramatics Competition
11.Ad Campaign
12.Project Display

Art Competition
Music Performance
Declamation Contest
Drama Competition
Fashion Show
Photography Competition
Short Film-Documentary Competition
Advertisement Campaign Competition
Dance Competition
Business Idea Competition
Singing Competition
Selfie Competition
Project Display

Highlights Express Education & Career Expo

  • Education Expo
  • Innovation Pavilion
  • Competitions
  • Book Fair & Much More

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