How to Get Advance Balance in Telenor by Code

After the Advance Balance or Loan Balance service initiated by Ufone, many other cellular services in Pakistan have felt the charm in this service to facilitate their subscribers. Just like other cellular services in Pakistan, Telenor Pakistan has also taken the step of offering advance balance to its subscribers.

Telenor is offering advance balance to its subscribers with the offer name of Telenor Emergency Load. The Telenor subscribers can get instant Rs. 15 advance balance in Telenor Advance Balance Offer. This is fixed amount.

The advance balance of Telenor is just like normal mobile balance and can be used for sending SMS, making calls, and using the internet as well. This service is available for the prepaid subscribers only.

Telenor Advance Loan Code

There is no hard and fast rule at all for availing Telenor Advance Balance. All you need to dial *0# and your mobile balance account will be instantly credited with Rs. 15 balance that you can use as normal mobile balance. However, this amount cannot be used for mobile balance sharing purpose at all.

Moreover, those who have already taken loan cannot further opt for another loan until they have returned the current loan along with service charges.

Telenor Advance Loan Charges

There are no charges for subscribing for the loan. However, subscribers account will be deducted with service charges in addition to principal loan amount next time they will recharge their mobile balance. That means if you have availed Telenor Emergency Loan then on next recharge Rs. 18.5 will be deducted from your account.

Unlike another service, Telenor has not imposed minimum balance condition at all for requesting for a loan.

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