Bike Taxi Services in Pakistan: Careem Bike vs Cargar vs Bykea Rates Comparison


Careem has been doing superb as the ride-hailing cab service nationwide and now they have started new initiative named ‘Careem Bike’. As the name suggests it is a Bike Taxi Service that seems to challenge the prominent Bike Taxi Services like Cargar and Bykea.


It will be pertinent to mention here that Careem has previously given a serious run for money to the companies like Uber and Savaree when it was about the cab-hailing services. The point to ponder is whether Careem will do the same with the bike taxi services like Cargar and Bykea.

Here are the details about some of the Best Bike Taxi Services in Pakistan, and last but not the least, the rates comparison between them will also be there to let you know that which service keeps you traveling without breaking your bank.


This ride-hailing app assures you the safety and low-on-budget traveling services, with just one tap away from your Smartphone. Bykea also offers you ‘Express Parcel Service’  through which you can send a parcel,  document or even something else within minutes time with live GPS tracking the exact location of the parcel. While traveling with Bykea, you are also provided with the helmet so that you remain safe from any terrible injury in case of any untoward incident.


Bykea Rates

Base Price: Rs.30
Per Kilometer Charges: Rs.4
Per Minute Charges: Rs.1



This bike hailing service takes the edge as it is regarded as the first of its type in Pakistan. The owner of this service incepted this idea after seeing the student in foreign countries using bike taxi services for traveling purposes. Keeping their targeted audience in view, Cargar also tries to make less harm to your pocket along with making sure the safety and comfort traveling remains very much there for the customers.

Cargar Rates

Base Price: Rs. 20
Per Kilometer: Rs. 15


Careem Bikes

Knowing the traffic scenarios in various cities in Pakistan, Careem has got a new way to get you to your offices and universities on time. This time around, they are up with the bike taxi service that keeps you moving on without hurting your wallet a much. So now with traffic jam isn’t a problem anymore.

Careem Bike Rates

Base Price: Rs.25
Per Kilometer: Rs.4
Waiting Cost: Rs.250 per hour


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