How to Get Advance Balance in Zong – 2018 Code

(Last Updated On: 18/10/2017)

The advance balance system launched by Ufone has been successfully adopted by most of the cellular services in Pakistan. The advance balance offer of the cellular companies lets their subscribers have uninterrupted communication in case of emergency when they are running short of balance and have no other option.

Now the subscribers of Zong can have advance balance in case of emergency. According to Zong Pakistan, its subscribers can enjoy advance balance or loan balance from Rs. 5 to Rs. 50. However, in each month, the subscribers can not avail advance balance more than Rs. 50.

How to Subscribe for Zong Advance Balance/Loan

To avail the Zong advance balance or loan facility, the subscriber must have less than Rs. 5 balance in his account and must have charged his account in previous one month. Now below is the procedure to avail Zong advance balance.

Send blank SMS to 911 or write Rescue in SMS box and send it to 911. Within few seconds you can be promoted with the option how much advance you want to take. Advance balance amount range is from Rs. 5 to Rs. 50.

As we have discussed above, you can have loan up to Rs. 50 only.

Zong Advance Balance  Service Charges

Next time when you will recharge your mobile balance, amount of loan will be deducted automatically. The service charges are Rs. 3.57. So if you will get loan of Rs. 20 then Rs. 23.57 will be deducted from your account on next recharge.


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