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High fee List of Top Schools in Karachi: Karachi American School, Beaconhouse Monthly Fees

(Last Updated On: 28/10/2017)

Karachi, the commercial hub of Pakistan has its unique specialty as it has people from all across Pakistan, who have settled there in search of the better life and opportunities. Education is one of the most graceful paths to change fortunes and so parents out there try to get their children enrolled in some of the best educational institutes.

You might have come across the list of best schools in Karachi every now and then but this one is a bit different as it brings the most expensive schools located in Karachi. These schools, also regarded as some of the top schools of Karachi have high fees which won’t be affordable by any ordinary man, whatever the circumstances may be.

The ongoing government in Pakistan has been taking several measures to make sure the education standards do raise in government institutes, but so far the outcome has been below par. At the same time, strict policies against the private schools have also restrained them up too much extent in making sudden fee-hikes or raking extra money in terms of the extra-curricular activities.

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The top schools, we are talking here about have nothing to do with these restrictions as they have set benchmark of their own and those getting education here are very much ‘ok’ with the educational standards and fees paid against them.

Karachi American School Monthly Fee

Address: Amir Khusro Road, Karachi

Grades: Preschool-Grade 12

Karachi American School Preschool Monthly Fee:  80,000
Karachi American School Class 1-12 Monthly Fee: 117,000

This is one of the most prestigious schools of Karachi, founded back in 1953, this school has maintained educational standards right from the beginning. But if you’re thinking to get your children enrolled in this school, you first need to take a glance at the monthly fees of this institute, which would leave your mouth wide open.

Beaconhouse School Monthly Fee

Address: G-28/1, Shahrah-e-Humayun

Grades: A-Levels

Beaconhouse School System A-Levels Monthly Fees: 37000

The extensive network spread all across the world including Pakistan, makes Beaconhouse prominent on the board. Due to the fee affordability factors involved, only lads hailing from posh families get the chance to get this much quality education. There are dozens of braches of Beaconhouse in Karachi, one of the most prominent out of them is Beaconhouse School System A-Levels Branch located at G-28/1, Shahrah-e-Humayun.

City School (PAF Chapter) Monthly Fees

Grade: A-Levels

City School PAF Chapter A-Levels Monthly Fee:  32,500

This branch of City School was on the first in the business as it was established back in 1978. Then onwards, The City School has been booming around making an outreach to 57 cities and establishing 178 schools countrywide.  As of now, City School is regarded as one of the largest private school networks in Pakistan.

High fee List of Top Schools in Karachi




  1. There are some good school also. My child goes to Vonhayat school. I can not pay high fee and this school has scholarship offer. For last three years I am paying around 30% fee for my two childen. Quality of education is such that in my childs class there are students who came from beaconhouse also. I think we should highlight such good schools also. This will create a competition between schools for helping needy people.

  2. yeh MAFIA HAI, kaise chutkara paen

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