Mobilink Jazz Monthly All Network Package

Today its trend to offer the customers multiple calls packages and offers. Just like several other cellular companies operating in Pakistan, Mobilink Jazz is also offering various calls packages ranging from daily, weekly to monthly.

Mobilink Jazz is said to be the largest cellular network in Pakistan. It is the premier and oldest cellular company in Pakistan having millions of companies. The number of subscribers its hold is greater than any other cellular company operating in Pakistan. Keeping the passion alive, Mobilink Jazz is offering a broad range of calls packages to its customers. Its calls packages are subdivided into daily, weekly and monthly.

Mobilink Jazz has launched another amazing offer for its users. The new Mobilink Jazz offer by the name of all in one or all Monthly All Network Offer. Now with this amazing offer the subscribers will get the 1,200 on minutes for both Jazz and Warid numbers, 100 off-net minutes1 I GB of the internet and 1200 SMS.

Mobilink Jazz Monthly All Network Call Package Details

  • On-net: 1200 Jazz+Warid minutes
  • Off-net: 100Mins
  • Internet: 1GB
  • SMS: 1200
  • Packages: All
  • Subscription:  *7000#
  • Un-Subscription:  *7000*4#
  • Status String:  *7000*2#
  • Info String:  *7000*3#
  • Subscription Fee Rs. 380 (Incl. Tax)
  • To Subscribe Dial *7000#
  • Validity 30 Days

Once the customer dials *7000#, they will be subscribed to the Monthly All Network Call Package for exact thirty calendar days. The offer will expire automatically on midnight of the thirtieth calendar day. Moreover, the offer is non-recursive as well. In case, the minutes, SMS, the internet are still in the bucket and package is going to be expired then on recharging the package you will get no benefit of a remaining bucket of the previous package. The best about this offer is that the minutes, internet data and SMS will be usable for an entire day without any restriction in any hour of the day.

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