Unique Bike 2017: Products, Specs & Price Details

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 26/10/2018)

In the market, which is dominated by the big names like Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha many local and international companies strive to get their place among the top bike sellers in Pakistan.

This two-wheel ride is something which suits the people of all classes. As in the modern day, apart from keeping it cheap in terms of the price, the elegance is the other thing which the bike manufacturer now look onto keenly.

The bikes of ‘Unique’ company are living up to the customer’s satisfaction, which makes them one of the most popular motorbike companies in Pakistan.

About Unique Company

Established in 2004 with the sole aim; to be the market leader in the industry and over the years with the rapid expansion around the country & assurance of top class services & products; we have been Trusted & Adored by millions of Pakistanis, which surely has been the only reason for our successful journey & the guarantee of many fruitful coming years.

Unique Bike 2017 Variants

  • UD70 Xtreme
  • UD100
  • UD125

UD70 Xtreme


  • 4 Stroke, 70cc ENGINE
  • Euro-II Technology
  • 6500 rpm (5.3 KW) Power
  • Petrol tank capacity : 9.5 liters
  • hydraulic shock absorbers



  • 4 Stroke, 100cc ENGINE
  • 8000 rpm (7.8 KW) Power
  • Euro-II Technology
  • Kick Lever and Self Starter
  • Petrol Tank Capacity : 10 liters
  • Front Disk Break
  • Hydraulic shock absorbers



  • 4 Stroke, 125cc ENGINE
  • Euro-II Technology
  • 8500 rpm (6.8 KW) Power
  • Petrol Tank Capacity : 10 liters
  • hydraulic shock absorbers

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