Mobilink SMS Packages From Daily, Weekly to Monthly – Complete Guide

(Last Updated On: 16/04/2017)

The largest cellular service provider in Pakistan, Mobilink is known for leading the telecom industry in Pakistan with introducing the initiatives, which are never heard any before in Pakistan.

They had the biggest customer base in Pakistan and with having merger with Warid, they have grown enormously.

Apart from the fast internet and vast coverage, they still have dozens of SMS bundles, which are one of the most way of communication among youth.

Here we have complied details about Jazz monthly, weekly, and daily SMS bundles.

Mobilink Monthly SMS Package

Subscription FeeRs. 47.79 (inclusive of tax)
Incentive10000 SMS + Unlimited Whatsapp
Validity30 Day
Subscription String*101*1*02#
Un-Subscription String*101*4*02#
Status String*101*2*02#
Information String*101*3*02#

Mobilink Weekly SMS Package

Subscription FeeRs. 13.13 (inclusive of tax)
Incentive1000 SMS + Unlimited Whatsapp
Validity7 Day
Subscription String*101*1*07#
Un-Subscription String*101*4*07#
Status String*101*2*07#
Information String*101*3*07#

Mobilink Daily SMS Package + WhatsApp

Subscription FeeRs. 5.98 (inclusive of tax)
Incentive1500 SMS + Unlimited Whatsapp
Validity1 Day
Subscription String*334#
Un-Subscription String*334*4#
Status String*334*2#
Information String*334*3#

Mobilink Daily SMS Packages

  1. SMS Plus
  2. Daily Bundle
  3. Daily SMS+Whatsapp Bundle
  4. Mobilink Daily SMS Package
Subscription FeeRs. 2.38 (inclusive of tax)
Incentive150 SMS
Validity1 Day
Subscription String*106*1#
Un-Subscription String*106*4#
Status String*106*2#
Information String*106*3#

Mobilink Daily SMS Bundle

Subscription FeeRs. 4.77 (inclusive of tax)
Incentive1200 SMS
Validity1 Days
Subscription String*101*1*01#
Un-Subscription String*101*4*01#
Status String*101*2*01#
Information String*101*3*01#

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