Yamaha Launches YBR 125Z 125cc: Price, Specs & Pics

(Last Updated On: 24/04/2017)

Yamaha has added another model in its successful YBR series. The Yamaha has introduced the latest model of YBR after two years. It is YB125Z that was launched by Yamaha at an event organized in Lahore.

Available in black and red colors, Yamaha YB125Z 125cc is the hallmark of state of the art advanced technology. The components featured by Yamaha YB125Z will give the riders unruffled performance every time. Comfort is the other section that gets special attention. An excellent balance of rigidity and strength gives the bike riders maximum comfort whether you are riding alone or with a passenger.

Handling Yamaha YB125Z 125cc is very is. It is easy to main the YB125Z as it is well suited to the needs of the riders. Yamaha YB125Z features a 13L fuel tank for excellent range per fill-up and is efficient when it comes to saving fuel. The dry air paper filter of the bike has very good resistance to clogging. It is very easy and simple to maintain and has good cost performance ensuring a smooth response.

The large capacity 6 Amp battery of the bike provides a very powerful source to drive starter motor which in turn works the starter engine without any effort at all. To ensure less rider fatigue and vibration, YB125Z is fitted with a single axis balancer which helps to reduce vibrations in the handlebars, seats and foot pegs. The robust front fork is specially designed for traveling in all conditions and weather situations. It protects the fork oil seats against kicked up rocks. The front and rear suspensions of the bike ensure excellent resistance to bottoming while the dual rate springs have different pitches to handle both small and large shocks from the road.

The slim and sleek design and body of the Yamaha YB125Z 125cc give it a stylish and compact look that helps in riding through narrow spaces and tight allies.

Yamaha YBR 125Z 125cc Price

YB125Z 125cc price in Pakistan is Rs. 115,900.

Yamaha YBR 125Z 125cc Specs

  • Engine: OHC 125cc
  • Engine Balancer
  • 13L Fuel Tank
  • Dry Air Paper Filter
  • Large Capacity 6 Amp Battery
  • Plastic Resin Full Chain Cover with Excellent Sealing
  • Transmission: 5 Speed
  • Head Light: HS1 35W/35W
  • Halogen Headlight
  • Aluminum Cylinder
  • Muffler With a Crisp Pulsating Sound
  • CV Carburetor
  • Robust Front Fork
  • Adjustable Suspension
  • Flat Seat
  • Passenger Footpegs

Yamaha YBR 125Z 125cc Pics

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