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18 International Funded NGOs Asked to Stop Operation in Pakistan

Several steps are being taken to improve security in Pakistan and it seems one of the step in those. Yes 18 international aided/funded NGO’s have been asked to shut down its operations within 60 days.
Apparently no reason has been given by the Government or interior ministry but it’s confirm that NGO’s have been called to shut down. It seems that Govt. is sure that some of the most critical information related to national safety issues is being transferred through these NGO’s which may threat national security plan. Most of the NGO’s that have been asked to shutdown are US based some of them are British based and rest are European.

Heads and directors of these organizations are asking the reason behind this order to shut down but there is no response to it they said.
Many of the people are of the opinion that the NGO’s working in Pakistan are apparently working for betterment of poor but their actual goals are different.
The response against this step on social media is quite positive and many are appreciating this step from new government as many are of the opinion that there is no price of freedom, it’s a priceless thing. So far no response has been reported from the international media regarding this step by new government.


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