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PM Imran Khan Response on Shahbaz Sharif Arrest

The newly elected government of Pakistan isn’t taking anything slow the process of accountability is going fast as it can. The recent example of it is arrest of opposition leader Mian Shahbaz Sharif, the opposition is coming up with allegations that he has been intentionally arrested to weaken the upcoming elections and lot of noise is being made by PPP as well.

In response to all these allegations and reactions by the opposition Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a press conference today that “Nobody will be spared, I will go after each and every corrupt person and I won’t stop and I don’t care what the opposition say. He further added every person will be held accountable and a government is only powerful when accountability is started from the powerful. Further he said NRO wont given to anybody.

Imran Khan said “Here if anybody is asked for accountability all the corrupt starts shouting and come up with a statement that democracy is in danger.”

Imran Khan seemed very determined and said let them make noise and let them come to roads the accountability won’t stop these crooks have put the future of our children in a terrible state.

He further said that the people who very reacting very harshly on the arrest of Shahbaz sharif, I saw fear on their faces, fear of being captured soon.

He said I have promised my nation that I will bring back the looted money back and I will do it either way and I won’t stop.

The press conference from Imran Khan got viral on social media and people are appreciating the steps being taken by new government to stop corruption, bringing back looted money and increasing security.



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