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1st May Labour Day 2018 Holiday in Pakistan Notification

The Federal Government has announced public holiday on 1st May 2018 to celebrate as a Labour Day. Every year this day is celebrated across the world to recognize the achievements and struggles of the workers that are why this day is also called as Workers Day as well.

As per the official notification of the Ministry of Interior vide its letter number F.No.2/14/-2017(Public)/Holidays, Tuesday 1st May 2018 will be celebrated as Labour Day, and there will be a public holiday across the country.

Different countries have different days regarding the celebration of Labour Day but in Pakistan, the day is celebrated on the 1st of May. The origin of Labour Day dates back to the movement of Labour Union to fix the working hours to eight hours only. That’s why it is also termed as Eight Hour Movement as well to set eight hours for work, eight hours for recreational activities and eight hours for rest. The reason behind the celebration of this day is to recognise the significance of the labour movements in the respective countries.

The financial conditions and working environment for labours in Pakistan is not satisfactory. In some area, they are bound to work for the half day and in return they get the minimum amount that is even not enough to meet the daily expenses of the family of four members. Each year federal government announced relief for the labours and working class but the latter mentioned group never availed this at all. There is the necessity of special packages for the low paid labours as this elevate their standard of living to some extent and will result in diminishing of poverty as well.


Federal Ministry of Interior is the sole body into Pakistan to issue the list of annual public holidays in the country. Then comes the provincial government who decide at their own grant extra holidays as per local events or special traditions.

In addition to Public Holidays, Ministry of Interior also publishes the list of optional holidays in Pakistan as well. However, optional holidays are never treated as compulsory holidays at all. These are at the order of the Ministry either it allow for these holidays or not.

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