Best 109 Restaurants in Multan, Fast Food & Famous Food (Full List)


Multan, better known as the City of Saints is one of the most developed City in the Southern Punjab, and that is one of the reasons it is one of the tourists delight in the area. The city previously known is better known for shrines and mausoleums but what if we tell you it is never less than any other city of Pakistan when it comes to the food quality and variety. Around every of the foodie would be knowing Multan for Sohan Halwa but what if I tell you, the city is more than it.


As previously mentioned, Multan is the epicenter of South Punjab so all the positives of this belt have been quite prominent, so the best food-chains namely KFC, Hardees, McDonalds and Burger King have been already operational in the area. What’s more fascinating to all this is the local entrepreneurs have also stepped in the food-business and they are working equally good as the international food-chains out there.

Whether you look out for Desi-food, Continental, Chinese or fast food, Multan now has plenty of good options for you. So now you can grab a Molten Lava Cake or even the thin crust Italian pizza, Multan is the right city charge up your taste buds. Here we have compiled this list of restaurants in Multan,to make sure you satisfy your tummy to the fullest when next time you in Multan .

Restaurants in Multan – Complete List

    1. 110 Shawarma
    2. 14th Street Pizza
    3. AFC
    4. Afghan Zaiqa
    5. Al Babar champ
    6. Al Khair Falooda
    7. Al Madinah
    8. Al maiyda Pizza
    9. Al Nemat
    10. Allah wasaya Machli
    11. Ashiyana Grill & Resturant
    12. Aussie Grill
    13. Avari Express
    14. Baba Golgappay
    15. Baba Icecream
    16. Bali Chai
    17. Bandu Khan
    18. Barcelos
    19. BBQ Tonight
    20. Beef Tika Jamilabad road
    21. Bell n tell
    22. Bhaithak (opp. Wpada Town Ph II)
    23. Billay Da Dera
    24. Burger king
    25. Burger revolution
    26. Cafe Eclair
    27. Cafe Niche
    28. Cafe Time (Shapes)
    29. Cafe Zouq
    30. California Pizza
    31. Chaaye khaana
    32. Chacha Piru
    33. Chai lounge/bawarchi
    34. Chaman Icecream
    35. Chanab Rutt
    36. China Grill
    37. Coffee Planet
    38. Dar ul Kabab
    39. Darbari
    40. DastarKhwan
    41. Data Biryani
    42. Delhi Nihari
    43. Dilbar Lasi (near mall plaza)
    44. Dominos
    45. Down Town Bite
    46. Eaton Resturant
    47. Fazal Huq Dera
    48. Fork n Knives
    49. Ghori Tikka
    50. Gloria Jeans
    51. Grillin
    52. Gup Shup
    53. Hardees
    54. Hotel Taj & Khan’s Restaurant. Phone No. 0614549319. Address: 81-Abdali Road, Chowk Nawan Shehar, Multan.
    55. Italian pizza
    56. Kane Russ
    57. Kanteen Al fandi
    58. KFC
    59. Lahore Chathkhara
    60. Lal Haveli
    61. Le cafe
    62. LFC (Lassani Fried Chicken)
    63. London Courtyard
    64. Luna Café
    65. Mall of Multan Food Court
    66. Mall plaza Shawarma
    67. Masooms
    68. Mayzbaan
    69. McDonalds
    70. Mohammadi Nehari / Chanay
    71. Multan Grill
    72. Naveed Chicken Biryani
    73. Nawab Hotel
    74. Nutella shack
    75. O my Burger
    76. Oh my buns
    77. Osteria Fusion Al-Bahar
    78. Oven Delight (Best Molten Lava Cake in low price)
    79. Papa Ginos
    80. Piza Domeno hut indus tower
    81. Pizza Cafe
    82. Pizza Hut
    83. Pizza Kitchen
    84. Pizza mux
    85. Pizza Oregano
    87. QFC
    88. Qureshi Tikka
    89. Ramada
    90. Salt n Pepper
    91. Shafiq Samosa
    92. Shahjahan
    93. Shahjahan grill
    94. Shangrilla BBQ
    95. Shangrilla Chinese
    96. Shangrilla cuisine
    97. Sheedan
    98. Signature cuisine
    99. Spicy Bites
    100. Subway
    101. Tandu Adam Saji
    102. Taste Guru (Wpada Town Phase 1)
    103. Tasty Bamboo
    104. Tasty Garden
    105. Tasty Student Zaiqa
    106. Turkish Food
    107. Venetto
    108. Workshop Eatery
    109. Zanzibar

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