Angelina Jolie to be part of Aamir Liaquat’s Ramzan Mein BOL 2018: True or False?

As the advent of social media has brought dozens of perks and privileges; the best out of it is reshaping the world as the global village, people just sitting in the luxuries of their houses can connect to other people from across the globe. As pros and cons go hands in hands, the hoaxes and fake news are the backlashes of the social media. Up the latest, the Pakistani social media is fled with the buzz of Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie coming to Pakistan television’s biggest Ramadan transmission, Ramzan Mein Bol, this holy month. And if you think it’s all it is, it isn’t as the piece of information floating also claims that the ‘Tomb Raider’ star will also be converting to Islam from Christianity.

It should be noted here that Aamir Liaquat is regarded as the pioneer of Ramadan transmission and what’s more to him is he never fails to surprise his fans. The scholar turned TV host is known for going out of the box and that is why the reason people are up with the thought that the buzz about Hollywood beauty joining the show this Ramadan might be true. It should be noted here that in last year Ramadan transmission at BOL Tv Aamir Liaquat kept the aeroplane as the mega prize, which was never done before in any of the TV shows across the globe.

But the point to ponder here is whether the news floating about Jolie coming to Aamir Liaquat’s Ramadan transmission is true or not?

After going keenly through the matter, we came to know no official statement is there from Bol TV, Aamir Liaquat or any other of the representative of the channel about Hollywood superstar joining the show for this year Ramadan transmission. With so far all this happening, it won’t be wrong to say the hoopla around was needless as the news of Angelina Jolie featuring in Ramzan Mein BOL this year is nothing more than a false claim.


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