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Utility Store Ramazan Package 2018 & Price List

Utility Stores Corporation Pakistan has announced Ramazan Package 2018. As per the press release and advertisement at this moment issued by the Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan, the Ramazan Subsidy will be given on almost one thousand products available in different stores across the country. The government has approved 5% to 10% discount on most of the product.

The Government of Pakistan has already approved the Rs. 1.73 billion as subsidy during the month of Ramadan to facilitate customers in all stores across the country as announced in the press release. The Spokesman of USC said that USC would provide 5% to 10% discount on 1,000 items of food and beverage including sugar, pulses, oil and ghee, beverages and spicy items of different companies in the holy month of Ramadan to give relief to common man.

The Spokesman said that priority of the USC would be to evolve an institutional mechanism for quality control of the items, adding that professionally qualified firms would also be engaged for a quality test of items.

It’s worth mentioning here that the percentage of commission and number of products and items being subsidized are less than that of 2017 that was 10% to 15% on 1,500 items.

Utility Store Ramazan Package 2018

Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi

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