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Federal Budget 2018-19: Govt. Employees to Get 10% Raise in Salary and 50% in House Rent

The Government of Pakistan Muslim League N has finally laid down its 6th budget for the Fiscal Year 2018-19 despite a lot of reservations and walkout by the opposition in the end. The newly appointed Federal Finance Minister Miftah Ismail has successfully tabled the Budget 2018-19 of worth Rs. 5.246 trillion with the tax revenue and FBR revenue targets set at Rs. 4.88 trillion and Rs. 4.435 trillion.

Before the launch of the budget in each year, people have different expectations from the government. General public demands for subsidies and economical products and services. On the other hand, the concern of government employees raises in their salaries, allowances and pensions.

Benefits for Government Employees

In Fiscal Year 2018-19 Budget, the government announced my benefits for its employees. Here are the raise, benefits and perks announced for the federal employees.

  • Salary – 10% Raise
  • House Rent Allowance – 50% Raise
  • Adhoc Relief Allowance – 10% Raise for Civil and Military Personals
  • Pension -10% Raise
  • Basic Pay – 10% Raise

Moreover, the tax exemption threshold would be increased to Rs. 1.2 million as well. The salaried person has Rs. 100,000 salary will be exempt from tax because of increase in threshold.

Here are the highlights of the Public Sector Development Program as announced in the Budget for the Fiscal Year 2018-19.

— The total outlay of the PSDP for the fiscal year 2018-19 is Rs2.043 trillion

— The federal PSDP is Rs1,030 billion whereas the provincial PSDP is Rs1013 billion

— Rs4,677.487 million allocated for Aviation Division

— Rs125 million allocated for Board of Investment

— Cabinet Division will receive Rs1,116.438 million

— Capital Administration and Development Division will get Rs15,236.924 million

— Rs 802.699 million allocated for Climate Change Division

— Rs1500 million allocated for Commerce Division

— Rs14480 million earmarked for Communication Division (other than NHA)

— Defence Division will get Rs 640.644 million while Defence Production Division to get Rs 2810 million

— Rs70 million set aside for Economic Affairs Division

— Rs 175.4 million earmarked for Establishment Division

— Rs 4336.5 million allocated for Federal Education and Professional Training Division

— Finance Division will get Rs18,151.4 million

— Rs199 million allocated for Foreign Affairs Division

— Rs 46,679 million allocated for Higher Education Commission

— Rs 5,433.1 million earmarked for Housing and Works Division

— Rs 300 million earmarked for Human Rights Division

— Rs 1775.2 million set aside for Industries and Production Division

— Information and Broadcasting Division will get Rs1,644 million

— Information Technology and Telecom Division will receive Rs3,046.3 million

— Inter-Provincial Coordination Division will get Rs 3552.5 million

— Rs 24,207.8 million allocated for Interior Division

— Rs 51,205.8 million earmarked for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan Affairs Division

— Rs 1,025 million earmarked for Law and Justice Division

— Rs 10,118 million set aside for Maritime Affairs Division

— Rs 251 million allocated for Narcotics Control Division

— Rs 1808 million set aside for National Food Security and Research Division

— Rs 25,034.4 million allocated for National Health Services Regulation and Coordination Division

— National History and Literary Heritage Division will get Rs 550.5 million

— Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission to get Rs 30,424.5 million

— Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority will receive Rs 300 million

— Petroleum Division will get Rs 943 million

— Rs 27,590 million allocated for Planning Development and Reform Division

— Rs 370 million allocated for Postal Services Division

— Rs 40,000 million earmarked for Railways Division

— Rs 36 million set aside for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Division

— Rs 2,558.9 million allocated for Revenue Division

— Rs 2,660 million earmarked for Science and Technological Division

— Rs 28,255.5 million set aside for States and Frontiers Regions Division

— Rs 200 million allocated for Statistics Division

— Rs 4,700 million set aside for SUPARCO

— Textile Industry Division to get Rs 280 million

— Water Resource Division will receive Rs79,500 million

— The government also allocated Rs 237,725 million for various corporations including Rs201,600 million for National Highways Authority, Rs36125 million for NTDC/PEPCO

— Rs 5000 million has been earmarked for Prime Minister’s Global SDGs achievement programme

— Rs 5000 million allocated for Special Provision for Completion of CPEC Projects

— Rs 10,000 million earmarked for FATA 10 Years Plan (Federal Contribution)

— Rs 8,500 million set aside for ERRA

— Rs100,000 million allocated for Block Allocation for New Projects by next government

— Rs 45,000 million allocated for Relief and Rehabilitation of IDPs

— Rs 45,000 earmarked for Security Enhancement

— Rs10,000 million allocated for Prime Minister’s Youth Initiative

— Rs 5000 million set aside for Gas Infrastructure Development Cess.

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