How to Check Zong SIM Number and Details by Code 2018


Checking Zong SIM number is not a big deal anymore. Sometimes it happens that we forget our SIM number because we have not used for many times and now want to use it and are unable to recall the number.


Method 1:

One of the simplest methods for checking the SIM number is messaging or calling at any number or calling at Zong helpline. However, for this, there must be some balance into your mobile number otherwise you will be unable to use this service.

Method 2:

If above method is not working for you because of not having sufficient balance, then we have another method that will also work for getting your Zong SIM number.

You can check your Zong SIM Number using codes mentioned below:

First of all Dial *100# on your mobile, press Call button and wait for a while

Multiple options will appear on your screen, select the Free Message and send to a number of your friend if he is standing with you.


Now check Zong Number own on mobile screen. That is the Zong free mobile number checker. This service will not cost you at all, and it is the simple and easy way to check your Zong Number for free

Method 3:

There is another method for checking Zong number as well, and that is also free to use. This method is also best to be used in case of not having sufficient balance for making a call or sending SMS to any number and in turn checking the recipient number from that other number

On your mobile simply dial *8#, and it will let you to know your Zong SIM Number. *8# is basically associated with Zong MBB Number. All Zong mobile number gave by default a special MBB number.

Method 4:

This method is different from all above methods. You can also check your mobile number from phone settings in case you are using an Android-enabled smartphone. Follow this pattern: Settings > About Phone > Status > SIM Status > My Phone Number

Method 5:

This method is also code free and is for those Zong subscribers who are using iPhone. iPhone has a special feature. In iPhone, your phone number appears at the top of the contact list. You can also find your phone number from iPhone Settings in Phone section and then My Number.


All of the methods mentioned above are the best way to know your Zong number. Some of these are free, and some may cost your little. Overall all of the methods are simple and easy to use and ensure you have got your Zong SIM Number.

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  • amir on 01/04/2019

    muj 2 number ka dataa chiye CNIC aur adress batny waly ko 1000 rupess do gy

    • Bilal Ahmad on 15/05/2019

      send kro number mery numbr pe 03495913752

  • Saqib Sayyed on 24/10/2018

    Mere name par 3zong ki sim han jin k num me nai janta muje wo number jany han k me dubra replace krwa sako plzz muje tarika btai

  • Nadir ali on 13/09/2018

    need zong number in 1378502 which is in u ****

  • azam on 30/08/2018

    How can i check the , zong no. Is registerd on whos name

  • Muhammad Saleem on 18/07/2018

    meri zong ki net use karne wali sim toot gai he os sim ka number mujhe yaad nhi. ab mujhe net ka load karana he or new sim nikalwana he ap meri sim ka number confirm kardain .

  • Waris Ali on 07/07/2018

    میرے نام پر 2 زونگ کی سم ہیں میں ان دونوں سموں کے نمبر جاننا چاہتا ہوں

  • Muhammad Sarfraz on 25/06/2018

    I want this number 3274455 (0313)….

    • Waris Ali on 07/07/2018

      میرے نام پر زونگ کی 2سم ہیں میں ان دونوں سم کے نمبر جاننا چاپتا ہوں

  • Hanief Quraishie on 23/06/2018

    need zong number in 4684606 which is in u 0333

  • junaid on 24/05/2018

    mujy number lana hai apni mazi ka har codae 5193481

  • Naveedabbasi on 25/03/2018

    mujy number lana hai apni mazi ka


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