Meera ready for Hollywood project after claiming she is better actress than Priyanka Chopra

Staying in the limelight is an art, and for sure Meera is the Picasso of it.  Over the years, once Pakistani famous actress Meera has nothing to with acting or any such project but she still manages to stay in the limelight, with all thanks to the controversies and her unique antics. Whether it had been her English speaking skills or trash talking towards her co-stars, Meera Jee ain’t comes slow and that has made her uncrowned queen, better to be called ‘Drama Queen’.

Up the latest, Meera has stirred another controverter and got the place in the headlines. But this time what she has done has even grabbed the attention o international media. The Pakistani actress took to Twitter to claim that she is a far better actress than Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra. She wrote it in a responsive Tweet about Priyanka Chopra’s new Hollywood project. It should be noted here that months back Meera in an interview told that she is permanently moving to the US. Her latest antics might be a bid to get the attention of the Hollywood moviemakers.

Just in the very next Tweet she also asked her fans to do support her and Tweet to Universal Pictures to cast her in the new project.  The netizens responded to Meera’s Tweets in the best possible way, here is what some of them had to say about Pakistani actress’ claims:



YouTube video







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  • RAHEEL on 02/08/2018

    Ha ha ha she is looking sweet dreams

    • naeem malik on 06/08/2018

      she has all the rights to feel how she wants to feel

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