Zaid Ali T trolls Reham Khan and Internet loves it

(Last Updated On: 31/07/2018)

The Internet is a savage place and you can’t argue about that; even the celebrities from across the globe can’t save themselves from the trolls. At first, the policy adopted by the celebrities was just to avoid such mocking stuff but now we can see many of them taking a bold stance and respond to that with full vigour. Sometimes the celebrities went on one extra mile with trolling the fellow celebrities. Up the latest, the famous Pakistani YouTuber Zaid Ali T took a dig at Imran Khan’s former wife Reham Khan. Netizens, who actually seemed fed up with Reham throwing tantrums on possibly the newest Prime Minister of Pakistan, loved Zaid Ali T’s statement against the former BBC journalist.

It isn’t the very first time when Reham Khan has become the laughingstock; she has been repetitively under the radar of such trolls since her scandalous book got released online.   It should be noted here that Reham Khan’s so-called biography is being severely criticized by dozens of journalists and hundreds of people for the malicious content in it.

Ali Zaid T, who is known for his humorous content took to his Twitter to troll Reham Khan, and as expected Internet loved it to the fullest.






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