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Pakistan By-Election Results of 2018


Too many sensations created before the By elections that were carried out on 14/10/2018 and many parties got together to beat PTI or reduce its power, but the outcome was not in their favour.
The final results are:
In national assembly total, No. of seats were 11 in which PTI won 4, PMLN won 4, PMLQ won 2 and MMA won only one seat.
In KPK assembly PTI ruled as expected although all other parties were contesting together against PTI but still out of 10 seats PTI won 7, ANP won 2 and PMLN 1.
In Punjab assembly the competition was fierce and out of 12 seats PTI managed to win 5 and PMLN also won 5 , and two seats won by Independent candidates.
Sindh assembly elections were held for two seats both won by PPP.
Baluchistan assembly election also held for two seats, one of which was won by BNP and the other was taken by an independent candidate.
All the collaboration of opposition parties couldn’t make a big impact on the status of the current Government.



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