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Ramadan Transmission 2018 Ratings: Sehr and Iftar time TRP

The holy month of Ramadan is just reaching its climax and the battle of ratings is just getting bigger and bigger.  Around every of the TV channel is coming up with best possible option for their Ramadan transmission, but the results of the ratings around the 2nd week of Ramadan seem very much similar to that of the first weak.  To be very exact ARY Digital is winner all the way, whether it is about the Sehr or Iftar timings.

Primarily, these transmissions are spread as Aftar transmissions and Sehr transmissions and what get them bigger and better are the best TV celebrities donning the hats as the hosts of the shows. Moreover, different segments with a religious scholar on board and commenting on the different question being raised by the public is a must watch for those who looking for more of the Islamic knowledge in this holy month.

It will be pertinent to mention here that these Ramadan transmissions have to offer something for all the group ages. For instance, they have Roza Khushai segment for kids and the question-answer session for the students.

Like other TV shows, the Ramadan transmissions are also about the TRP competition, but an intense and tough one.

Here we will be telling you about the ratings of your favourite Ramadan transmissions in the first week of this holy month.  A reliable online source Brandsynario came up with the details about the ratings of TV channel during Ramadan.

It should be noted here that we also wrote about the ratings during the first week of Ramadan and what came out as no surprise to it was Waseem Badami’s Ramadan transmission on ARY Digital turning out the winner among dozens other competitors.


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