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150+ Eid Mehndi Designs for Hands and Feet

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 13/06/2018)

Eid al-Fitr is an important religious holiday celebrated in Pakistan just like other Muslim countries. It is the day that marks the end of Ramadan. It is the single day during which the Muslims are not allowed to fast. It is one of the most critical events in the Muslim world.

Eid is close to coming and all getting ready for one of the most religious days in Islam.

Mehndi Designs for Hands

Henna or Mehndi is said to be one of the most integral parts of almost every female life. When it comes to Asian or women of the sub-continent, then it is the must have an element of fashion. Without it, the women cannot think of going to any function or party. Pakistan, Indian and most of the Arabic countries are three places where it is custom to use henna on most of the regional, cultural and religious events.

Indo-Pak and Arabic women like to apply henna on hands and feet on the occasion of Eid. Kids also take part in this activity, and moms like to decorate the little hands of an angel by using henna as well. This oldest fashion accessory of the world is being used in the world since ancient Egyptian time. In ancient time, Egyptian use to apply henna to keep their body parts cools against the heat of the desert. Later on, it started to become the fashion, and now it is the time that the women cannot think off without it.

Mehndi Designs for Feet

Years and years have been passed, and developments have been being made continuously in the style and pattern of henna. Now there are many hennas or mehndi designs in which most popular are peacock henna design, heart henna design, and floral henna design.

Mehndi Designs for Hands

231 amazing-mehndi-designs-gallery-for-Eid-2015 Attractive-hand-MEHNDI-DESIGNS both-hand-same-mehndi-pictures Bridal-Saloon-MEHNDI-DESIGNS-pictures Dark-shade-MEHNDI-DESIGNS Easy-and-Half-hand-MEHNDI-DESIGNS-2015-16 Easy-and-stylish-MEHNDI-DESIGNS-for-girls Eid-Ul-Fitr-Mehndi-Designs-Collection-2015-2016-7 News-full-hand-baazoo-Mehndi-Design Newst-MEHNDI-DESIGNS Nice-pics-of-MEHNDI-DESIGNS Simple-but-elegant-MEHNDI-DESIGNS-for-girls Single-full-hand-MEHNDI-DESIGNS-for-eid Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-1 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-1 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-2 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-5 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-6 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-7 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-9 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-10 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-11 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-12 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-13 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-14 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-16 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-20 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-21 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-22 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-23 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-24 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-25 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-26 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-27 Stylish-Trendy-Arabic-Mehandi-Designs-Collection-for-Hands-Feet-2015-2016-1140x627 Woman-wedding-MEHNDI-DESIGNS-Pictures 0013 029 039 049 059 069 079 088 098 108 119 128 137 147 166 175 185 193 203 211 221

The pattern of henna design varies from region to region, but now it is common practice to adopt the henna design of other countries as well. Here we are listing some henna or mehndi design for hands and feet that you can make by using black or red henna depending upon your choice. Most of these are easy to apply while many require an expert to apply in the same order shown in the images.

Mehndi Designs for Feet

Mehandi Designs for feet and legs (10) Mehandi Designs for feet and legs (15) Mehandi Designs for feet and legs (18) Mehandi Designs for feet and legs (20) Mehandi Designs for feet and legs (22) Mehandi Designs for feet and legs (25) mehndi-design-for-feet-01 mehndi-design-for-feet-02 mehndi-design-for-feet-03 mehndi-design-for-feet-04 mehndi-design-for-feet-06 mehndi-design-for-feet-08 mehndi-design-for-feet-11 mehndi-design-for-feet-12 mehndi-design-for-feet-13 mehndi-design-for-feet-14 mehndi-design-for-feet-15 mehndi-design-for-feet-16 mehndi-design-for-feet-17 mehndi-design-for-feet-19 mehndi-design-for-feet-20 mehndi-design-for-feet-21 mehndi-design-for-feet-22 mehndi-design-for-feet-23 mehndi-design-for-feet-25 mehndi-design-for-feet-26 mehndi-design-for-feet-27 mehndi-design-for-feet-28 mehndi-design-for-feet-29 mehndi-design-for-feet-30 1008shanon 004 beautiful-dulhan Mehandi Designs for feet and legs (1) Mehandi Designs for feet and legs (3) Mehandi Designs for feet and legs (4) Mehandi Designs for feet and legs (7) Mehandi Designs for feet and legs (8) Mehandi Designs for feet and legs (9)

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