Reham Khan released her book on Amazon: Where to find

One of the most talked about books of this year in Pakistan, Reham Khan’s autobiography has finally got a release, better to call it an online release. The book consisting of 563 pages has around dozens of its chapters, which all of having got an e-release on the online commerce platform Amazon.  The book has been in the limelight after its leaked version got into the hands of famous Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi.  It should be noted here all the attention this book and Reham Khan have got is all because of making some severe allegations on the PTI Chief.

Reham Khan, who is the ex-wife of prominent political leader Imran Khan has made severe allegations on him, even accusing him of extramarital relation, drugs intake, illegitimate kids and much more.  The content of the book has already been talked on electronic media for a while and now with its official release coming on this platform; it seems that the book has failed to live it up to the hype.

Reham, who holds expertise in journalism took to Twitter to highlight that how many of the TV channels have negated her book and have not given any media attention to it. Many of the proficient journalists in Pakistan have slammed the content of the book as terming it malicious, fake and beneath the moral values. The book, which is actually being termed as the autobiography on Reham’s life has more of the controversial content about her former husband Imran Khan and his aides.

The leaked content of the book had the dozens of accusations, not only about Imran Khan but also about his close friends Zulfi Bukhari and Wasim Akram. The book even had the content showing Khan as the homosexual and the PTI MNA Murad Saeed and Hamza Ali Abbasi his partners in this crime.

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  • Qudsia Iwa
    13/07/2018 at 12:21 AM

    Download the full edition book from here:
    B07FDZT2HZ Reham Khan Autobiography – 563 pages pdf



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