Here is why Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor is dying to visit Pakistan

Pakistan and India are thought to be number 1 enemies’ to each other, but this something only meant to spice up the headlines. The reality is very much opposite to all this as the brotherhood and peace are like two basic elements, present on both sides of the border. The prime example of this positive gesture prevailing on both sides is the respect Pakistani and Indian celebrities give each other. Days back, Pakistan’s biggest cricketing star Shahid Afridi met Bollywood’s Dabbang Khan Salman Khan in Canada and that gave positive vibes both in Pakistan and India.

Up the latest, famous Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor has taken thing yet again to another level with showing her love for Pakistani fans and urge to visit Pakistan. It should be noted here that Sonam is the daughter of Bollywood living legend  Anil Kapoor, who himself has shown interest over visiting Pakistan during his meeting with Pakistani cricketer turned politician Imran Khan in UK.

The Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor is known for his bold statments even if it favors the neighboring country Pakistan. He not only led Pakistani star actor Fawad Khan to work opposite her in his first Bollywood film, but also have a strong friendship with the Pakistani. At the time of getting cast Fawad opposite her in ‘Khoobsurat’  the gorgeous actress also had ton of praises for the Pakistani dramas.

Up the latest, Indian actress in her Instagram question-answer session showed her love to Pakistani fans along with letting them know how crazy she is actually about visiting Pakistan.

Among various other question being asked by ‘Neerja’ actress, the one making  her Pakistani fans reach on cloud nine was: ‘Do you love your Pakistani follower?’

What she responded to it made headlines both in India and Pakistan. Sonam Kapoor: ” Love Pakistan and I’m dying to come there and hang out.”


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