TCS Yayvo Order Tracking Tutorial

The courier service is given priority over ordinary mail services and is more popular as compared to regular mail. The reason behind is that its fast delivery, tracking and security. In addition to it complying with special requirements like security to special documents. As nowadays people prefer cost over security as they are very much concerned about the security of the documents and things they send from one place to the other. Courier is also preferred where time is more important than money.

Pakistan also has few courier services that provide high-quality services and facilitate its customers with satisfactory services. TCS is the most popular service of Pakistan due to its quality of services and customer care and that’s why most of the industries prefer to send its parcels via TCS.

Recently TCS has introduced an online shopping website yayvo.com and TCS itself is its official courier partner in delivering its orders to the customers. Yayvo.com is gaining fame due to the originality of its products backed with the delivery services offered by TCS.
Yayvo.com is facilitating its customers with 7 days money back guarantee with no questions asked, which is one of the most amazing features of Yayvo.com.
TCS is also offering its TCS Hazir services on selected items of Yayvo.com, Hazir service delivers a product or parcel within 60 minutes. While normally Yayvo.com products take 8 to 10 days if shipped through TCS.
Plus you can track your order by the order no. by visiting http://yayvo.com/trackorder
This awesome combination providing quality services to its customers.


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