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100+ Ideas for Pakistani Wedding Gifts : Desi Shadi


Among many other wedding traditions, giving gifts is one of Pakistani wedding tradition. This Gift Tradition not only limited to the guest’s side. In Desi Shaadi in From the ‘jahez'(dowry) to the ‘wari’ included as considering these traditions. Dowry about clothes, shoes, jewellery, and in addition things like kitchenware, bedding, and even furniture from bride side. Wari is the accumulation of Clothes and shoes that a prepares family would provide for their daughter-in-law as wedding endowments. Furthermore, dresses and gifts generally provide for the groom’s mom, sisters, mother’s sisters on Shaadi.


Wedding Gift Ideas Bride and Groom:

Pakistani Sweets and Chocolates as Wedding Gift:

Pakistani Decoration or Show Pieces:

You can give the crystal, stone, wooden decoration showpiece for the house that new couple going to start on the wedding  as tradition.

Wedding Cash Gift :

If you want to give money to bride and groom gave it with an elegant card or with the different style.


Jewellery for Bride and Watches for Groom:

For Bride, you have many options in jewellery for the man you can give watch and perfume in Pakistan.

 Handmade Wedding Gifts:

You can simply give new couple handmade gifts which show your love.


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