The Best What Song is This ? Apps for iPhone & Android


What Song is This? is a unique kind of application for the smartphone users allowing them to check the name of the song playing around them. It is basically a sound search application that allows the smartphone users to easily get the name of a sound or song currently playing. This simple to use application do this by two means; either by way of the image on the screen or voice search system. Both of these are functions designed to make the searching process easy and simple. Here are some of the best What Song is This? apps for Android and iPhone devices.



Shazam is a best in the class music discovery, charts and song lyrics finding an application that enable the smartphone users to get the complete and detailed report of any song playing around them. Millions of people across the globe are using this application to identify the music playing around them.


This simple sound searching application will allow you to search those songs that are the tip of your tongue easily. For its distinguish set of features and functions, this simple to use application is called as one of the most immersive music discovery and searching apps for the smartphone users.


Hound is although much like SoundHound but different to it on many grounds as well. This application will work as your personal voice search and assistant so that you can get the name of the song playing around you. The song searching system here can be performed by speaking in a natural voice as well.



MusiXmatch is one of the largest catalogs of lyrics and favorite song dialogues. This application is designed for assisting the music lovers to search for the lyrics of any song. Most of the music streaming and sharing services are even using its lyrics.


MusicID is another compact music recognition application designed to allow the smartphone users to recognize the music playing around them easily. If you want to know about the name of your favorite song, then MusicID is a simple application for that purpose.

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