How to Register PTCL Complaint Online, SMS and via Mobile?


For its customers, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has launched several online services so that the complaints and grievances can be resolved in time. To provide the superior customer services to its clients and achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction, PTCL is offering multiple complaint registration methods to them.


Now the PTCL users can loge their complaints through PTC online complaint service and also via SMS from their mobile.

In this article, we have covered both methods of PTCL Complaint Registration. Check each one by one:

PTCL Online Complaint Registration

It is the most popular complaint registration method of PTCL because it carries no charges at all except the data charges of your mobile or internet charges in case you are using this online services from your PC or laptop.

Open in your web browser, and you will be directed towards PTCL Online Complaint Registration Form. In the open complaint form you need to give the following details one by one:

  1. Product (Landline, Broadband, 3G EVO, IPTV, Vfone or Charji)
  2. Complaint Type (Busy Tone, Call Drop, Cross Talk, No Dial Tone, Noise, or Single Ring, Internet Disconnection, Modem Problem, Slow Browsing, Gaming Issues, No Signal or Weak Signal)
  3. MDN in case of 3G EVO and Charji and Service ID or Phone Number in case of Landline, Broadband, IPTV, or Vfone complaints)
  4. Mobile Number
  5. Email ID

Here is the sample page of the PTCL Online Complaint Form:


All details mentioned above are must provide otherwise complaint will not be lodged at all. So be careful while providing all of the information to get the better solution by PTCL online customer care service.

PTCL SMS Complaint Registration System

With the PTCL SMS complaint service, now the PTCL clients can easily register their complaints to PTCL from their mobile devices. Below is the detailed method to launch PTCL Complaint via SMS.

  • Step 1: type: CMP
  • Step 2: type: Area code and landline number
  • Step 3: type: Product code – Landline: LL, Broadband: BB
  • Step 4: Send to 05 1218 1218
  • Step 5: Receive complaint registration number
  • e.g., type : CMP 042 3586 XXXX BB
  • OR
  • Simply type “HELP” and send to 05 1218 1218

With the PTCL Online and SMS complaint system, now it becomes easy to get the issues resolved within no time. Either you are facing slow internet connection speed, slow browsing, no internet connection. Call setting issues, dial tone issues, no connection, voice breakup or any other issue related to PTCL products and services then use any of the method mentioned above and get your issue resolved.

These are the best complaint registration channels that PTCL is offering to its Broadband and Landline users. These services are also elimination the customer wait at PTCL call centres for complaint registration.

If you still need any assistance from PTCL, then contact it on its live chat available from 9 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Saturday. You can contact PTCL Live Chat Agent at here

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