The Scope of Engineering in Pakistan


Engineering is derived from the Latin word “ingenium” which means cleverness in the sense of genius. Engineering is the creative application of science to design or maintenance of the structure, devices, materials, system, machines, economic of operations; it has a broader range of the specialised field of engineering. It is considered to be the highest career and expected to be a growth sector in the upcoming years. It contains a large number of job opportunities and specialities. It is a highly paid salary job and salary packages different for fresh and experienced engineers.


There are many degrees in engineering disciple nowadays all have its own worth in market which are below

1. Civil Engineering

It is the broadest and oldest field of engineering and highly paid job. It deals with the designing and construction of canals, houses, buildings, river roads inside the country. The salary range of fresher is almost 50000-70000 per month

2. Computer Engineering

They are specialising in both software and hardware. To run the computer system, they develop and improve the software programs and hardware. They have many opportunities for career development within their workplace. The salary range is almost 80,000- 85,000

3. Mechanical Engineering

It deals with design and making of tools and other equipment of the machine. Its concern with the all type of machinery, all aspects f functioning: design development construction production etc. the salary range is 20,000-50,00.


4. Electrical Engineering

It is one of the largest and broadest disciplines of engineering in Pakistan. It deals with the electricity and related product. It also deals with the communication systems in the telecom sector. There are more job opportunities for electrical engineer in Pakistan. The salary range for fresher is almost 30,000-50,000 per month.

5. Software Engineering

Software engineering deals with the design, development and maintains of software and OS of the computer system. It generally comes under the discipline of computer science. The average salary for them is 15,000-20,000 per month.

6. Chemical Engineering

It is the branch of engineering that uses the principle of mathematics, chemistry etc. to design and converts chemicals, raw materials, energy, living cells into a useful form. The salary range is almost 30,000-150,000

7. Aerospace Engineering

It is the most challenging position and has present career opportunities across a verity of has further different areas. So the salaries differ between airline/aviation/ defence etc. It has average salary is 67,500PKR

8. Automotive Engineering

This field of engineering is one of the most challenging exciting and rewarding careers. In this engineer research, design, and develop vehicles and their subsystem. It deals with different kind of technologies to create a productive product. The salary range is almost 30,000-35,000

9. Petroleum Engineering

It deals with designing and developing new technology and method for digging the earth surface to extract oil and gas from well all over the world. The salary range is almost 15,000-25,000

10. Biomedical Engineering

It works with a combination of biology, medicine and engineering. They are responsible for research and development of medical innovations like artificial organs. The salary range is almost 15,000-25,000

11. Drafting and Design Engineering

It involves in all stages of the design process, from presentation to finished plan. The salary range is 25,000-30,000.

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