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Vote for Dam – Pakistanis Raises the Demand for Water Reservoirs #WeNeedDam

(Last Updated On: 05/06/2018)

The Pakistani public has launched a public campaign for the demand of Dams and Water Reservoirs in Pakistan. Vote for Dam, and We Need Dam hashtags are getting viral over the social media platforms.

Pakistanis on the social media in this campaign have demanded that we don’t need carpet roads, not flyover, metro buses, and nor orange line train but only dams to secure the future of Pakistan. If the new dams in the country are not constructed then, Pakistan will take a dip of water shortage in the next few years.

Water shortage and then continuous construction of dams on Pakistani rivers is indeed an alarming situation for Pakistan that could rise to many issues in upcoming five years. Further, it has been revealed that Afghanistan is also planning to build on Pakistani rivers coming from its land. This triplet effect will make Pakistani land barren.

Due to nuclear power, the strategy for war has been shifted from nuke war to making Pakistan barren. This war will be on water shortage. On one side due to climate change, there is a shortage of water and on the other hand Pakistani government not seems interesting in building new dams and reservoirs.

There is no severe view on this critical issue of water, the attention of the majority governments in Pakistan focuses on the developmental plan, the governments made in Pakistan have never been worried about future and seriousness for solving the problem of water. No work is done. That is why the water crisis in Pakistan is intensely intensifying every day and therefore, due to social media consumers, Dam Banao, Pakistan Rescue campaign has started.

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  1. Sindh Aur KPK ki Awam Ko Awreness deni chahye ko Is cheez ko serious lyn Aur IN Politicians Ki baton ma na ayn Aur Awami benefit ko ko dekhyn is ma hi ham sb ki falah ha

    Sab Provinces ki Awam ko Aik HONA chahye ni to Politician Hamre Wajood ko Khatam kr DYN GY.

    Politicians KE Bachy to Country sy bahr Rehty han hamari Identity to Pakistan ha

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