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Watch Sajjad Ali’s ‘Tamasha’ video song Ft. Bohemia

(Last Updated On: 03/02/2018)

The new year eve is always a special occasion as it is beginning of the new year or in other words we can say that it is time for another chance in life. This year, Pakistan’s music lovers got biggest surprise from one of the most notable singer over this eve. Many of you won’t have imagined of this collaboration, Sajjad Ali featuring the Punjabi rapper Bohemia. The song titled ‘Tamasha’ got released late on 31st night on Pakistan music channels like 8XM and Jalwa.

Earlier, the teaser was released, which made it difficult for the music lovers to wait anymore. It would be pertinent to mention here that, Sajjad Ali is known for singing classical songs or Ghazals,whereas Bohemia is the leading Punjabi rapper. This fusion between both of them works as icing on the cake.

Watch Sajjad Ali’s ‘Tamasha’ video song Ft. Bohemia


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